Shell & The Integrated Power system

Shell is involved at almost every stage of the integrated power system: from generating electricity, to buying and selling it, to storing it, to supplying it directly to customers. Explore the interactive to discover examples of what we're doing.

Shell's primary focus areas


Our share of solar installed capacity at the end of 2019 was 414 MW with 442 MW in development.

We are increasing the use of solar power at our own sites, such as at the Stockton fuels distribution, California, USA, and at our Moerdijk chemicals site in the Netherlands.

photo of solar panels


We first entered the wind business in 2001. Today we have interests in wind farms in the USA and the Netherlands with the estimated potential to generate over 5GWonce fully built.

Photo of a offshore wind farm

Trading, Supply and Balancing the grid

In North America, for example, the power generation capacity we manage equates to enough power to supply more than 5 million homes In the UK, Limejump manages independent commercial assets remotely, helping firms that generate electricity - including via wind turbines and solar panels - or operate batteries to optimise their sales of electricity to the grid.

Photo of an arial view of a residential area

Supplying businesses

Our acquisition of MP2 Energy in 2017 significantly expanded our supply to commercial and industrial customers in North America.

photo of electic car being charged

Supplying homes

We supply 100% certified renewable electricity - along with natural gas and smart home technology - to households in Britain.

Photo from above of a family cooking a meal

Home storage

The sonnen virtual battery is the largest of its kind able to compensate for fluctuations in the power grid.

Download the transcript for sonnen virtual battery video (Word 0.2MB)

Electric-vehicle charging

We provide fast electric-vehicle charging services across more than 40 countries through Shell Recharge, NewMotion, Greenlots and our partnership with IONITY, while also developing offers for businesses and fleets in Europe and the USA.

photo of an electic car being charged

Distributed energy

GI Energy, in which we’ve invested, develops and builds microgrids and onsite systems for commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

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