Shell supports STEM education initiatives in many countries where we operate, to enthuse, empower and equip young people and teachers. Our global flagship STEM programme is NXplorers. To find out more visit the NXplorers website.

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Canada, North America and South America


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Shell is a passionate supporter of STEM and supports Let’s Talk Science programs which provides hands-on learning opportunities, engaging Canadian children, youth, and educators in science, technology, engineering and math.

United States

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Shell supports a variety of educational initiatives that improve student performance, encourage diversity and benefit our nation’s future competitiveness.

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Trinidad & Tobago

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In May 2018, Shell Trinidad and Tobago hosted a STEM Education National Consultation event to discuss how to better integrate STEM subjects and skills into the local curriculum. The event included the launch of the first NXplorers workshop in the region which focused on helping participants develop key skills like problem solving and critical thinking.

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Shell Brazil runs the Science Education Award which recognises and rewards STEM teachers in Brazil’s public sector.

Supporting the teaching of STEM subjects in Brazil

To promote creative thinking and a deeper understanding of sustainability in Rio classrooms, we have launched our global education programme, NXplorers.


United Kingdom

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There are a number of programmes supporting STEM in the UK including The Bright Ideas Challenge, Tomorrow's Engineers and Girls in Energy.

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In the Netherlands, Shell launched the Generation Discover Festival to inspire children, parents and teachers in the world of science. One of the events is The Bright Ideas Challenge which empowers secondary school children to explore solutions to the emerging global energy challenges.

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Shell supports Jet-Net, Youth and Technology Network Netherlands, which provide students with experiences and practical content for the science curriculum that show that technology is challenging, meaningful and socially relevant.

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In Egypt, since 2007, we are supporting Al Amal Program, which is run by the Egyptian Geologists Society. It is designed to encourage young geologists and geophysicists, both undergraduates and graduates, and help them become more competitive to join the oil and gas industry.

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In 2017 Shell launched its NXplorers programme in Egypt. NXplorers is a global education programme, which encourages young people to explore real-world issues, equipping them with tools and methodologies needed to form solutions.

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Shell has a number of educational initiatives including scholarships, research internships, graduate awareness programmes and education support.

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Shell has launched its global education initiative, NXplorers, in Nigeria, in the latest effort to inspire young people to find solutions to the global challenges of food, water and energy in the face of an increasing global challenges.

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South Africa

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Our goal is to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Shell has created various education platforms where teachers are trained to impart the subject of Mathematics and Science to primary and high school pupils.

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Middle East


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Students are invited to take part in Shell’s “Student Energy Challenge” competition to help find new solutions to global energy challenges. We have also launched our global education programme NXplorers, to promote a new way of thinking and equip young people with the tools and skills to they need to create change.

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To enhance young people’s creative and critical thinking skills we have launched our global education programme NXplorers.

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Shell has rolled out NXplorers to help young engineers develop and enhance their complex problem-solving skills and encourage them to find creative solutions.

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Discover how young explorers in UAE are in search of a better future


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Shell aims to raise awareness of the energy challenges and inspire the Omani youth’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at an early age, helping to instil an innovative mindset and advocate for the relevancy of their role through education and entrepreneurship. This is why Shell has launched its NXplorers programme into schools under the "Solar into Schools" initiative.

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In Russia, Shell has launched NXplorers to empower and equip future leaders to solve complex problems and encourage them to find creative solutions to national and global challenges. In 2019, students at Gubkin Russian State university of oil and gas in Moscow benefited from the first NXplorers training in Russia.

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Shell has been a long standing supporting of STEM, through its flagship programme Better Environment Scheme. To further promote creative thinking and a deeper understanding of sustainability, we have launched our global education programme, NXplorers.

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Shell want to encourage young people, the leaders of tomorrow to find solutions beyond the obvious. This is why we have launched our global education programme NXplorers, to help young people develop the skills to create sustainable change.

NXplorers has so far reached more than 19,000 students at 240 schools across India. Students have developed 268 projects that address challenges related to food, water and energy.

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We believe the answers to tomorrow’s energy challenges lie in young people’s ingenuity. That’s why Shell is inviting secondary school students to join its NXplorers programme and the Bright Ideas Challenge. These initiatives help students see how STEM can tackle real world problems and make a positive difference in the world.

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To empower young people to address the complex challenges faced by the world today and to become agents of change, we have launched our global education programme, NXplorers. NXplorers equips young people with the tools, methodologies and skills needed to tackle real world problems using collaborative, innovative and inter- disciplinary approaches.

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The Shell STEM Challenge, organised by Science Centre Singapore and supported by Ministry of Education, explores more bright ideas from the young innovative minds. The challenge takes the form of the NXplorers, Shell’s global educational programme that introduces young people to the complex and creative thinking needed to bring about positive change.

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We are delighted to bring NXplorers to Malaysia. We see NXplorers and #MyGeekMovement as a perfect STEM “marriage”. We need to excite young people to pursue STEM careers, but we also need to help them develop new thinking skills to help tackle tomorrow’s energy challenges today.

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Shell works across many regional areas of Australia, to give back to the communities that host our business. We want the students of today to become tomorrow’s leaders who are confident in finding solutions to global challenges, including developing more and cleaner energy. This is why we have launched our global education programme NXplorers and renewed our long standard partnership with Questacon.

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