The Shell Livewire Finance Navigator for Trinidad and Tobago is a digital database of investment sources applicable to SME’s, innovators and entrepreneurs across a range of industries. It is an interactive tool to help companies identify funding opportunities which match their sector, development stage and financial requirements.

The toolkit does not provide any recommendations, nor does it evaluate, promote or otherwise endorse any of the featured organisations. For more information please, take a look at our terms and conditions.

To use the Access to Finance Navigator, please answer the following questions about your company. Your responses will help identify finance sources that best match your your business needs.

For guidance on these questions, please take a look here.

Business Stage

At what development stage is your company?

Idea Late

Business Location

In which part of Trinidad and Tobago are your operations headquartered?

Funding Amount

What is the approximate amount you would like to raise?

TTD 0 TTD 7,000,000

All identified funding has been converted to the Trinidadian Dollar for ease of comparison and navigation of the tool. For conversion of US Dollar to Trinidadian Dollar the conversion rate used is 0.1484. For conversion of Euro’s to Trinidadian Dollar the conversion rate used is 0.1312. Both are correct as of December 2018 but are subject to change due to fluctuating currency conversion rates. Responsibility lies with the Access to Finance Navigator user to check current conversion rates and calculate the funding amounts available from these sources.

Finance Type

What type of finance are you looking to receive?


Which sector, or sectors, best apply to your business?